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If it has 2 wheels and a motor, I’m probably in love with it.

Remains of the Day

There is a massive difference in working on a bike that’s two years old, versus a bike that was built in 1964.  Time and effort, mostly. I set aside the day to refit the electronics, pull off the forks, add the new scrambler front end, and… Read more

Test Fitting Pt. 1

I finally finished the new leather seat today.  A year in the making, but totally worth the effort.  There’s something like 2,000 hand-done stitches in it – no machines were involved at all.  My hands were bloody and raw at the end, but totally worth… Read more

Cyber Monday

The seat is coming along, but slowly.  With a little luck, I’ll finish it today.  Hopefully.  Maybe. I’m nearly finished with purchasing the parts I need (with the exception of the master cylinder, the fender, the kill switch and mirrors) and I’m coming in under $500… Read more

Speed Kills

Every single bike I’ve ever owned has been totally traditional with drippy leaky carburetors, mixed with my special blend of ether & bump starting to keep them on the road.  This Triumph is my first EFI (electronic fuel injection) and it’s a dream in comparison.… Read more

Let There Be Lights

I had to get a few of the parts right away, since British Customs was having a pre-thanksgiving sale, and a huge amount of necessary parts are handled exclusively by them.  I’m going to try to keep a running total of my costs for this build,… Read more

Reunited At Last

7 weeks to the day, since the accident, and the love of my life is finally home.  Ironically, today is probably the last nice riding day of the year, but that’s the type of thing I’ll hold on to in my next life.  Instead, I… Read more