Ultimate Fan Cave

Re-imagining new and exciting ways to promote a brand like hhgregg, selling similar appliances and electronics, day after day for years, is one of the most difficult parts of the job. Luckily, I never found myself at a loss for unique sources in inspiration. In this case, I had one of my more favorite sparks of ingenuity and spearheaded the online campaign featuring William “Refrigerator” Perry as our spokesman for the football season.

In-Process Page Design


In the end, the project had incredible success in showing off a lot of featured products, and had an overwhelming response in the Chicago area, leading to record breaking sales.  In most cases at hhgregg, our campaigns were very collaborative, and I was honored to be at the helm to organize the best direction that included all of the talented team members into a unified voice.  The Ultimate Fan Cave, however, was 100% my own direction from concept to launch, and quickly became one of the all-time favorite campaigns throughout the company.  I still have an entire box of signed items and photo props in my attic.