hhgregg Main Site Redesign


In the spring on 2014, I was asked to come in and interview with the in-house marketing team, and the new CMO, Julie Lyle, for a position as a UI/UX Architect & Designer, as well as an experienced team leader that was capable of undertaking the task of directing creative tasks inter-departmentally between online, social and print media.  My background in creating successful platforms to streamline massive amounts of data and content for both the State of Indiana, and the City of Indianapolis made me a unique candidate for the plans that the company had in mind, with the further development of their website offerings as well as a significant development of an in-house team.

It was a very large task, one that initially seemed insurmountable, considering the depth of what lay on the horizon, but the challenge was exciting, the new fully responsive goals were incredibly intriguing, and the opportunity to work with agencies like SalesForce and Leo Burnett were too enticing to pass up, and gladly accepted the position.  During my tenure with hhgregg, I was able to complete these tasks are more, including a back-end implementation of WebFlow templates for all site features, as well as integrated mini-sites for social media campaigns and vendor feature pages.  I oversaw the implementation of the expanded aisle program, exponentially adding product offerings and boosting revenue over 6% company-wide.  All of this was accomplished, of course, without compromising the overall agenda of creating a fresh, modern and user-focused site experience.

Sadly, in the fall of 2015, I suffered extensive injuries from a hit-and-run accident that left me in no shape to focus on work duties, necessitating extended hospital leave to recuperate and I chose to resign, rather than leave my team with a long-term empty desk when facing the frantic holiday season.  Thankfully, I’ve remained in close contact with the internal group, and learned that thanks to all of our efforts, this year’s online holiday business was the best that it had ever been, and the work that we had done exceeded all expectations.

In the galleries below, I’ve included a sample of the breadth of work that was accomplished, including a few examples of in-progress items that show the process from initial wireframe designs, concept items and some of the more unique and engaging designs from successful campaigns.  Of course, the current hhgregg website at hhgregg.com is the best example of the overall architecture that I oversaw the development on, and shows the diverse possibilities that can be achieved on a fully-responsive and densely engineered back end.

In-Progress Site Design

Campaign Design Examples