Remains of the Day

There is a massive difference in working on a bike that’s two years old, versus a bike that was built in 1964.  Time and effort, mostly.

I set aside the day to refit the electronics, pull off the forks, add the new scrambler front end, and reassemble.  Finished in 15 minutes.  Damn.  This is too easy.  Now what am I supposed to do while I wait for parts?  Guess I’ll keep doing research.

Basically, I installed the new ignition bracket, jacked the bike up on the lift, pulled the forks, got the old ears off, plunked down the new scrambler gaiters, reinstalled everything and took a nap.  I guess I’ll go and pay bills or something.

But really, this whole thing has been such a joy to work on.  I’m basically just doing everything in big chunks, as the parts show up on eBay.  right now it’s just gauges, lights and front end, and I’m almost done.  Next, it’ll be bars and controls, then final wiring and done.  Well, I’m never done, am I?  I’m intending to make a custom tool roll and a tank cover to hold travelling gear in my leather shop to match the seat.  Maybe do up some custom leather grips?  One step at a time, right?

Oh, and in other news, the bike is getting a new name.  It’s a complete redo, so a new name should fit.