Cyber Monday

The seat is coming along, but slowly.  With a little luck, I’ll finish it today.  Hopefully.  Maybe.

I’m nearly finished with purchasing the parts I need (with the exception of the master cylinder, the fender, the kill switch and mirrors) and I’m coming in under $500 so far.  I’m still waiting to hear back from the eBay guy, so that’s another $150 to add to the list, and the remaining bits might wind up taking me for another $300 or or so, but it totally seems that I’ll be able to get this thing in perfect shape for under a grand.  That would be awesome, and maybe save me a couple pennies to put towards a custom paint job.

Dime City had a big sale going on, thanks to the glory of ridiculous American consumerism, so I pulled the trigger and picked up an awesome pile of everything I needed to build this beauty the way I always wanted.  At the top of the list was the new headlight, and it’s amazing.  It’s a completely unique “Buffalo” style body with some serious vintage lines, reminiscent of a Vincent or an Indian Scout, with will look perfect with the dropped headlight bracket.  I also went for a low-profile speedo bracket that includes a mini-tach, that I also picked up with the LED lights for that whole setup.  The whole cost for all of it: $246.58.

But, first things first – finish the seat and get a haircut.  That’s today’s agenda.

Total repair cost to date: $498.48