Monster Makeup Bag

It has a tight lip and a big ol’ butt, and just like a ’64 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, it’s pretty much bulletproof.  When I designed this little bag, I had two things in mind – ladies who carry around an entire platoon of war paint, and those who keep to the bare minimum.  I’ve seen my sisters’ bags bursting at the seems because they’re too small.  I’ve seen them rip open and scatter scented powders all over the passenger seat of my car.  In contrast, I’ve seen tubes of lipstick run through the wash and ruin a whole cadre of my wardrobe due to a minimalist approach of, “I’ll just pop it in my pocket and go”.

This solves both.  It’s heavy duty, for sure.  Bigger than a little powder bag, but small for a clutch.  The first of its’ kind with a freshly invented, hand-stitched, drop-anchor corner dubbed “the burrowing giraffe”, the bottom of this little bag ends about 2 miles inside the border of Narnia.

Customary to the Spark design philosophy, this bag keeps everything safe and sound with a heavy duty top flap.  However, it does double duty with a industrial-grade YKK zipper.  Because, seriously, I never want to scour lavender scented body powder out of my floor mats again.