Minimalist Bi-fold Wallet

I remember riding in the car with my dad when I was very small.  He’d hand me his inch-thick, polyester and velcro wallet and ask me to see how much cash was in it so that he’d know if we needed to stop by the bank or not.  I’d dig through receipts, wadded up coupons from sandwich joints, and ridiculous amounts of bizzare things he’d gotten into the habit of stuffing in there.  I think I even found a ketchup packet once.

When I started carrying a wallet, I got a big fat cheap one with a skull and a chain on it.  I thought I was cool, but I was wrong.  It eventually started to bug me that every time I sat down, I panicked because I thought that I might have just sat on a small animal or a jelly donut.  The wallet was so uncomfortable, that I eventually got rid of it.

This minimalist bi-fold is the answer to that butt conundrum.  These days, I carry my ID, 2 cards and my insurance card.  I keep a couple of bucks on me for emergencies, and every now and then, I hold on to a receipt or a dry-cleaning ticket.  That’s it.  I love this as my daily wallet because it measures 3/8″ at it’s thickest, even when it’s full.   It only sports a single card pocket that’s angled so I can quickly grab my card if I’m getting the stink-eye at a dodgy filling station, and it’s so low profile, that it makes my butt look great!  Class for my ass.

The shell of each wallet is unique.  In addition to the 5 standard Spark colors (Whiskey, Bourbon, Rye, Black and Naked), it’s also available in a few limited specialty finishes from the world-famous Horween Leather Company, as they become available, including cordovan (upon special order).  Because the exterior is so soft and luxurious, the interior is made from very strong, yet thin natural leather that is hand conditioned to be a perfect accent that will last forever.

The left-hand side of the interior is also designed to act as a great place to write a custom note to somebody that you give this wallet to.  It’s a pretty great feeling to be reminded of a loved one every time you’re buying coffee.

*Note – New wallets will be thicker than 3/8″, and compress over time.