Tres Corona Cigar Case

My friend Jill messaged me that she wanted to make a leather cigar case for a friend for xmas, since he was a serious aficionado, and only the best would do.  I invited her over to the shop where we grabbed a sketchbook and started working out ideas of how we wanted to design it.  How wide should it be, how many cigars would it hold, how big are his usual cigars?

In the end, we settled on a 3-stogie case with a built-in separator.  The flap closes with a simple stud and is adjustable for different lengths.  She really liked my ultra-custom distressed tobacco-burst coloring and subtle brown stitching, which turned out very nice.  I also decided to break from tradition and design a wholly unique closure that could be utilized for smaller pouches, but kept with the general style of my other designs, and is stronger than other methods.