Double Buckle Banjo Holster

Because life’s too short to not make a ridiculous leather accessory for a 6-string electric banjo.

I play a custom-made Gold Tone GT-750 banjo.  It has 6 strings instead of 5.  It’s electric.  It’s damn pretty and always the most popular girl at the party.  The features are endless – chrome plated brass hardware, mirrored tiger maple resonator, fluent in 14 languages…  Nevertheless, it’s a bizarre and amazing thing.  The only problem is that it’s very fragile, and the resonator wants to fall off because it’s made from a beautiful, but soft wood.

Enter the Double Buckle Banjo Holster.  It’s not over engineered.  Basically just two straps to hold the back plate on.  BUT, it’s built with special belt backs to keep it from ever getting scratched, and is perfectly adjusted to let the instrument breathe, but doesn’t affect the tone.  Plus it just looks bad ass.