Traveller’s Hip Sheath

Part of my plans for the soonest possible future includes a lot of camping.  See, I intend to travel across North America on my motorcycle, visiting amazing leather artists and compiling many notes and photos to put together a book about the beauty of modern leatherworking.  I’m hoping to collect many great stories along the way, all while spending time in great shops, documenting techniques and skills that are easily lost without this sort of writing project.

That being the case, I’m going to be roughing it for quite a while, and have been in need of a great camping knife for the trip.  When I finally found the perfect utility knife made from bear bone and Damascus steel, I had to give it a great home that would strap to my side for the journey.

In the case of this sheath, I went overboard.  It has mounts for the hip, the back, and the leg.  It holds my zippo lighter and includes a silly strap system that looks like something out of a G.I. Joe cartoon.  However, it definitely helped me fine-tune some of the different techniques for many other knife sheaths down the road, and regardless of the over-zealous nature of my design, really does work well.  Too well, maybe.