Executive Chef Roll

My friend “L” is a professional chef.  Not only that, but she works with some of the biggest names in the business, like Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, Rachel Ray and all those other folks who share the stage with her on the Food Network.  She was in transition for a few months and wound up staying at my place while she bounced all over the country, taping more and more TV shows.

We got to talking about professional chef rolls – leather sleeves that hold a group of custom kinves and tools.  She mentioned that for most chefs, their roll was kind of like their professional briefcase that they take to interviews and so on.  The downside is that there’s nobody out there who makes one that’s strong enough to act as a heavy-duty sheath, but looks classy enough to carry as a personal valet.  Enter, me.

I’m no chef, but I’m also pretty damn decent in the kitchen.  So, when it came to making a prototype of an awesome knife roll, I had my own set ready to play guinea pig.  I built this roll as a demo model, and rather than use pre-made leather, I chose to start with a few pieces of tight, veg-tanned raw tannery, so that there wouldn’t be any chemical residues on the kitchen tools.  The whole thing was conditioned by hand with olive and coconut oils to maintain the highest food grade quality, all while going all-out in making a top quality bag.  The hardware is all kitchen-grade stainless and brass, and won’t dull a knife if it accidentally touches metal.  The flap houses a zipper pouch for extra tools and equipment, and the little snap-out pocket is perfect for recipe cards, measuring spoons and anything else that might be essential in the kitchen.

There’s nothing like this on earth, that can class up a diner or a dining hall.  Only the best for the best.