Star Wars Propaganda Posters

A few years ago, I made a series of posters based on famous WW2 propaganda, set in the Star Wars universe and thought they were fun, so I posted them on the Lucasarts website. About a week later, I got an email from their PR coordinator, and he told me that the folks at the studio loved them. So much, in fact, that they wanted to print them out, and were inquiring if I could send them the high-res files. One thing led to another and I wound up getting invited to tour the studio in Austin, TX, which of course I did, and got to see my posters on their wall. The bum part of the deal was that I signed a bunch of NDAs and haven’t been able to share this awesome little piece of my world, and honestly forgot about it until recently, when I was told that they’re now hanging in the London production studio for the new Star Wars movie. At least the “‘PUB” one is. I didn’t hear about the others.